Finding the right wedding video can be overwhelming. You want someone who can capture every little detail of your love story.

Notice how all wedding videos look the same_ You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding video that only your family wants to share..png
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It seemed as if they understood our story better than we did. We have an incredible finished product that we will treasure forever.
— Sarah + Briston Brenton




In order to capture what makes you unique, we record more than just your wedding or engagement day.


The full story package costs $15,000

Just one day costs $11,000

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Story Development

Story-Development is the most important part that makes your story unique. It gives you confidence you have a story you love before we start recording. Without this you will end up with a 'cookie-cutter' video that looks like everyone else's.

Laser-Focused Production

With a small, focused team we film your story at multiple locations over the course of two days. We come prepared with scene descriptions and a shotlist that allows us to capture the most beautiful shots instead of trying to figure it out on the way.

Editing for a Story

Watching your love story will be like watching a movie. This is because we incorporate these three things. First, we focus on what makes you unique (which is much more than the wedding day!). Second, we embrace conflict to keep your audience engaged. Lastly, we take the audience on a journey.