Video production can be daunting.

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Your audience is bombarded with 4,000 ads every day. You don’t want to waste thousands of dollars on video that doesn’t get seen.


Creating videos of the lives you change shows what makes you unique and gets your audience to care as much as you do.


We create story-videos to help you cut through the noise and get the views you deserve.


Sacred Stories is professional and transparent. Not only will you receive the best version of your story on camera, you will also likely make a friend.
— Rich Mastrogiacomo of Family Missions Company
It seemed as if they understood our story better than we did. We have an incredible finished product that we will treasure forever.
— Sarah and Briston Brenton

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Before you make any commitment we will explain our process and learn more about your life-changing mission.


The first meeting is a casual conversation that will take only 30 minutes.

You will understand our creative process and we will learn about your ministry so that we can start story-development.

After the initial meeting you can decide to hire us and begin story development.

We believe you aren't paying money for someone to just be a tripod. We have an intensive story/creative process that ensures we are putting your investment where it will make the most return for you.

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We create a video strategy package so you will be confident in the story well before we push ‘Record’.


The Creative Brief includes everything you will need to turn your video into an inspiring story.

We will call those who have been transformed by your ministry to find a hero with three essential qualities.

  1. DESIRE (to get your audience to care),
  2. COMPLEXITY (to keep audience engaged),
  3. UNIQUENESS (to surprise the audience).

We define 5 Keywords to drive every creative decision we make so that your story communicates exactly what makes your mission unique.

Finally, we construct a plot that will keep your audience entertained, inspired, and eager to share.

The best part? You have the rights to this story. So you can even take your Creative Brief and hire a different production company.



Now we understand your mission and have a captivating story, we can take it from here with full-service video production.


You will get a nifty document called a Statement of Work which will enable us to start running with your project.

You can be as involved as you want to be with production. For the practical stuff, we will be asking you questions so the production can be smooth sailing.

We are here to serve you. If you want something, ask! Let us know how we can make your life easier.

Send us a message to schedule your zero commitment meeting.


Once upon a time, your ministry began to change the world.

But that world grew noisier and noisier. Souls became harder and harder to reach. You need video that rises above the noise and inspires your audience.




Purpose: Lead creative from beginning to end.

5 Keywords: Story, Authentic, Eucharist, Family, Meeple

Plot: I started Sacred Stories to use the power of story to help life-changing ministries like yours cut through the noise and transform more lives. After years of serving as a missionary and creating videos I found that story-videos are the best way for your brand to stand out.




Purpose: Make your story beautiful.

5 Keywords: Passion, Simple, Heart, Beauty, Justice

Plot: Your story has only 5 seconds to grab attention. So I make sure that every moment of your story-video is stunning. I use color, movement, and light to make your audience feel what you want them to feel: compelled, inspired, eager, or compassionate. I have worked with Comedy Central, Reebok, and Microsoft, but what really inspires me is bringing sacred stories like yours to life.


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Feel the satisfaction when your audience finally ‘gets it’ (and needs some tissues)


Go to fundraising meetings and banquets with confidence.


Most importantly, see more souls impacted by your ministry.


Don’t waste any more money on video that doesn’t make a difference.

Send us a message to schedule your first meeting.