You want to change the world, but the world doesn't know who you are. 


Your audience sees about 4,000 advertisements a day.


So how does your world-changing mission reach the world?


We create story-videos to help your mission reach more souls.

A good story is irresistible.


Three ingredients make sure your story connects with your audience and transforms them.


Focus on a person.

Instead of highlighting an event, organization, or cause, we find a person your audience can root for so they are emotionally connected.


Embrace conflict.

Without conflict the audience has no reason to stick around. Conflict produces a chemical in the brain called cortisol, which increases attention and focus.


Save the day.

When your mission helps the hero win, your audience experiences a rush of oxytocin, which increases generous giving. Your audience is ready to partner with you.


How much is it costing your mission to continue paying for videos that don't change a thing? 



Three steps to your sacred story.

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You're the expert. So we buy you a coffee to learn about your life-changing mission.

+ What will this look like?

It's just a casual conversation. Even if we can't meet in person, we just really want to get to know you and your mission.

+ What will we talk about?

If your mission is young and small, we'll talk a lot about you and what inspires you to change the world. If you have an older, bigger mission, we'll also go into the larger history and results.

+ How long will it take?

We know how valuable your time is. Usually an hour is best so we can really understand your mission.

+ How much will this cost?

For everything: story development, planning, travel, production, editing, music, (everything!), it will cost $15,000.

Transparency is refreshing, isn't it?

As you can already tell, we are not a video company that just shows up on production day and shoots. We believe you aren't paying money for someone to just be a tripod. We have an intensive story/creative process that ensures we are putting your investment where it will make the most return for you.

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We create a story that will leave your audience changed and eager to partner with you.

+ Hero

We find a hero with big DESIRE (to get your audience to fall in love), COMPLEXITY (to keep audience engaged), and UNIQUENESS (to surprise the audience).

+ Location

The best way to communicate how your mission changes lives is to transport the audience from their computers and phones to the place where you change lives. Talking about it is not good enough. SHOWING the audience, rather than TELLING the audience builds trust and trust builds connection.

+ Purpose

What do you want you audience to think, believe, and do after watching your video-story? We define this by breaking down 5 Keywords.

+ 5 Words

We create 5 keywords that clearly define the purpose of your video-story. These 5 words will drive every creative decision we make so that your story communicates exactly what makes your mission unique.

+ Plot

Finally, we present a plot that includes the 6 Essential Story Beats. This is your story boiled down to 6 key events, to get your audience engaged, connected to your mission, and eager to partner with you.



Now we understand your mission and have a captivating story, we can take it from here with full-service video production.

+ Statement of Work

This is a little nifty document that will enable us to start running with your project. It will list the exact product you will receive and when you will receive it.

+ Your Involvement

You can be as involved as you want to be. With your guidance we can handle all the creative decisions. For the practical stuff, we will be asking you questions so the production can be smooth sailing.

+ Our One Rule

SPEAK THE UNSPOKEN. The creative process thrives off of transparency. If you want something, ask! Let us know how we can make your life easier.


Have a quick question? Fill out this form.

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Once upon a time, your mission began to change the world.

But that world grew noisier and noisier. Everyday, souls became harder and harder to reach. They needed video that captured the hearts and minds of their audience. They needed story that transforms. And then one day they met the storytellers...




Purpose: Lead creative from beginning to end.

5 Keywords: Story, Authentic, Eucharist, Family, Meeple

Plot: I started Sacred Stories to use the power of story to help life-changing missions like yours transform more lives. After years of serving as a missionary and creating fundraising videos I found the simple and effective solution: story-videos. I'm ready to help your life-changing mission get the funding you deserve.




Purpose: Make your story beautiful.

5 Keywords: Passion, Simple, Heart, Beauty, Justice

Plot: Your story has only 5 seconds to grab attention. So I make sure that every moment of your story-video is stunning. I use color, movement, and light to make your audience feel what you want them to feel: compelled, inspired, eager, or compassionate. I have worked with Comedy Central, Reebok, and Microsoft, but what really inspires me is bringing sacred stories like yours to life.

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Purpose: Client relations, meetings, and celebration.

5 Keywords: Liturgy, Garden, Discipleship, Family, Cardboard

Plot: I've served 8 years in missionary work with NET Ministries, where I met my wife. When I'm not buying you coffee to learn about your mission or opening champagne to celebrate your success, I'm training missionaries for the New Evangelization. I'm passionate about helping you spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth.